Savour York Region: Rare meals around the world

Savour York Region: Rare meals around the world

The world is full of unique dishes that originate from different regions and countries. Some of these are priced at high rates because of the meticulous processes needed to prepare them or that the animals are so rare that they are almost considered endangered. 

Almas Caviar

This is made from the pearly white eggs of an albino beluga sturgeon called Huso huso which can be found in the Caspian Sea. This fish is believed to be endangered which is why it is now priced at a high rate. Getting a hold of this rare food is difficult as you would have to visit stores that specifically sell this.

Pule Cheese

This Serbian cheese is considered the world’s most expensive cheese which costs about $1,700 per pound. What makes this cheese costly is that it uses 25 litres of donkey milk to produce just one kilogram of Pule cheese. 

Donkeys are manually milked by experts and each donkey can only give 0.2 litres of milk. This means that the processes of acquiring a sufficient amount of donkey milk to make this cheese are extremely extensive. Donkey milk is the only crucial ingredient in preparing the cheese which gives the food a creamy and full flavour after being processed.

Bird’s nest soup

The Chinese culture is known for their Bird’s Nest Soup which is created using edible-nest swiftlets using solidified saliva. This dish comes in different types and grading. This is affected by factors like the type of the bird and the food it eats.

This dish is sold at about US$2,000 per kilogram mainly because of their rarity and the high nutritional value that they offer. Moreover, it has a unique flavour that would make you crave for more. 

Kobe beef

This expensive meat comes from Wagyu cows which are specifically grown in Japan. To make sure that the cow meat remains at its best quality, the cows are taken care of with utmost care and attention. They must only be fed with the finest grass to keep the meat clean and they are given daily massages to ensure the leanness and tenderness of each part. 

Moreover, the cows are pampered and kept calm by giving them beer and sake baths. This is because stresses and other negative factors may lower the quality of the meat.

Although Kobe beef is curated in Japan, this is now offered in many high-end restaurants at high rates. For instance, some establishments in Paris and London include this exclusive dish on their menu. 

Italian White Alba Truffle

This dish is sold at high prices because of its exposure to the elements as it grows. White truffles do not have a shell that would protect them from the harsh changes in weather conditions.

These truffles are commonly grown in certain regions in Northern Italy such as Lazio, Molise, Toscana, Piemonte. These truffles can be enjoyed raw so you can taste the authentic flavour of the dish. 

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